Battle of Souls v4.3

Max HP

Download Battle of Souls For Android With Mod Max HP Version 4.3 Apk From XQ GAMES CO. LTD Developer.

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Battle of Souls v4.3 Max HP
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October 11, 2018
4.4 and up
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Battle of Souls

Battle of Souls Update v4.3 Apk Mod

Download Battle of Souls Max HP v4.3 Apk For Android. Experience the whole new level of RPG you have never played before!

96 varieties of characters are waiting to go on a sizzling adventure with you.
Perform massive battle tactics and achieve victories, only in Battle of Souls!

Play 5vs5 or 15vs15 PVP worldwide,
Challenge and defeat who stand against you!!

★Varieties of Soul collection★
Collect as many beautifully designed Souls as you can, to form a very strategical team to stand more benefit for your victory!

★Quick Soul Training★
Quickly train your Souls and form units wisely to perform best strategies as possible!

★Infinite strategies and varieties of battle patterns★
As you consider planning for better strategies after going through failures,
You will encounter many exciting battles next time!

★Form the best TEAM★
Every Soul has own unique Leader Traits,
That you can form powerful teams depending on how you structure it!

★Exciting Global battles at Arena& Colosseum★
Form your best team, 5vs5 in Arena, 15vs15 in Colosseum
and compete with enemies to conquer the top place!

★Craft powerful Gears & Runes★
Use diverse items you’ve found in the game,
and craft the most supreme weapons along with 16 different unique runes.

★Fascinating Costume System★
Decorate your precious Souls
With beautifully designed costumes!

The Daily Dungeon provides diverse rewards every day.
Receive precious rewards by completing achievements and quests.
Compete yourself to the limit in the Card Tower where you can fight with the most terrifying monsters.
You can either extract Soul’s Upgradable Materials or open your Souls in the Library.
Enjoy as much contents as you can play in the Adventure RPG!

Battle of Souls is an adventure RPG that you will be able to experience PVE, PVP and everything that Fantasy RPG is supposed to have.

*Important Notice
– Battle of Souls is a free to play game that can be downloaded and enjoyed in diverse countries. And of course, we will support even more countries to play our game.
– You can download game patches by selecting either the low- or high-quality versions after the first install of the app.
– We recommend you to run the app with specs like 2GB RAM, 1.6Ghz CPU. If the device supports less than 2GB RAM, the game wouldn’t be running smoothly.
If you want to find out more about Battle of Souls, please visit the websites below.
■ Naver Cafe:
■ Customer Inquiry:
■ Facebook: (Korean) (English)

Download Battle of Souls v4.3 Max HP

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